Assistance requests


For nearly 100 years, Lions Clubs have provided resources for individuals who are blind or who have severe vision or hearing loss worldwide. Other local Lions club may sponsor a program that provides assistance for the purchase of eyeglasses, hearing aids, health-related services, scholarships or educational needs. Here are some of our current assistance requests in progress

Paulina - Assistance request


Our club sponsors a young orphan Maasai girl, named Paulina, who was initially raised by German nuns but then developed brain TB and fell down and injured her brain resulting in damaged nerves of sight and near full blindness. Specialists checked her eyes and concluded that there is no possible surgery that can repair her vision and she can only take vitamins that may improve her sight in the future.

We adopted Paulina as of March 2015 and have supporter her with accommodation and basic braille education. We wish to take her further in her studies and continue to support her into adulthood.

Amina - Medical Assistance


As discussed in our BOD and business meeting, Amina msangi was given TSH 200,000/= for her medical check up in Dar Es Salaam. The convener for health Lion Balraj S Matharu and President Lion Inderjeet Rehal handed over the sum on behalf of the club and after her reports we will support her further as necessary.

We would like to thank m/s Charan Singh And Sons Ltd for their kind donation.

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