Lions Msandaka Deaf Centre: Story by Abdul Hai

MOSHI, TANZANIA: Secondary Education -an ambitious project to educate the deaf and dumb pupils at Msandaka Lions Deaf Centre in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, is now in the pipeline. The school is long term project of Lions Club of Moshi Kibo.

The Msandaka Lions Deaf Centre is considered as a model of good education for the disabled boys and girls ever since it was formed over two decades ago. There are 106 boys and girls receiving elementary education, partly through sign language and also through the specially programmed computers imported from overseas.

Msandaka has set-up an un-interrupted record of four years of 100% passes in final examinations of Standard Seven. The successful completion of seven years of education is a springboard to secondary education in Tanzania. The continuous financial, material support to the school is a classic example of a Quality Long Term Project by Lions Club of Moshi Kibo.

The general successful story behind the Msandaka is a solid support from Moshi Municipal Council, Lions Club of Ijsedal Tervuren, Close the Gap (Belgium), Richo International, Lions of Sweden, Rotarian Oxford London, Sikh Scouts Southall and many local business enterprises and individuals.

Since Msandaka was in its embryonic stages, a dedicated and ardent supporter of this long term project was Prof. Dr. Wim Blonk of L.C. of Ijsedal Tervuren (Belgium). He is expected to arrive in Moshi on 25th September to continue with his support and advice to the school. The cost of the secondary school project which involves construction of four classrooms at the centre, is estimated at Euro 21,000. The first contribution of US$ 11,000 was received by the club earlier.

A few days ago, Msandaka received a healthy high breed milk cow which cost TShs. 1,250,000/=. The club contributed Shs. 750,000/- and a well known businessman and a Lion from Mwanza donated TShs. 500,000/=. Lion Burhan Mohamed is  District Chairman for Retention and Orientation in District 411B.

Msandaka, now with three milking cows, is expecting to be self sufficient in milk for the pupils after a successful story of cultivation of maize and beans at the centre. Maize and beans is considered a staple food of local inhabitants.

Story by Abdul Hai
Source: Lion Inderjit Singh Rehal of L.C. Moshi Kibo
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Oxford Rotarians donate towards chicken shed for Msandaka Deaf Centre

<p>This Tuesday we had the pleasure of welcoming Rotarians from Oxford who have donated towards the chicken shed project at the Msandaka Deaf Centre.

Msandaka: DG Hyderali Gangji opens temporary kitchen after fire

<p dir="ltr">After a fire breakout at Msandaka early this month, Lions club of Moshi Kibo helped construct a temporary kitchen to service the childre

New dormitory opening – Lions Msandaka Deaf Centre

On 18th July 2015 we officially handed over a complete girls dormitory to the school. The handover was by Mr Piet Vandendriessche, Deloitte Belgium, P

Lions Msandaka Deaf Centre: Book Handover

Lions of Moshi Kibo, Measles &amp; Rubella Campaign co-ordinator Mr. Benjamin from the US with Lion leaders PDG Abdul Majid Khan and PDG Wilson N. Nde

2 Computers and 20 Sewing machines handed to primary schools

The Lions club of Moshi Kibo hands over 2 computers and 20 sewing machines to primary schools in Rau and Msandaka in the Moshi Municipality. Full a

Dormitory handover – PDG Lion Samson Ndegwa

Past district Governor Lion Samson Ndegwa handing over keys for a new dormitory.

Donation from Lions Club Ijsedal Turveran (Belgium)

Prof. Wim Blonk handing a novelty cheque to President Lion Gurdial Rehal for the donation to Lions Msandaka Deaf Centre.

1st Classroom at Mwasi Kusini

Our first classroom for Deaf / Dumb pupils was jointly constructed by the Lions Club of Moshi Kibo, Lions Club Ijsedal Tervuren (Belgium), Internation

Foundation stone – Lions Msandaka Deaf Centre

The Msandaka Deaf Centre foundation stone laid by District Gorvernor (411: 2001-2002) the Hon. Med. World Laureate Lion Tebebe Yamani.

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