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In 1999, during our clubs first year, we came across an incomplete school classroom in a village around 11 kilometres away from Moshi (Mwasi, Kusini). The classroom was meant for 8 deaf children, however it had no roof and no furniture. Children were actually taught were sitting on stones!

In partnership with our fellow humanitarians from the Lions Club of Ijsedul Tervuran of Belgium we managed to obtain enough funds to complete this unfinished classroom. By the year 2000 we had handed over a complete classroom, fully furnished, to the school authorities.

We had great publicity and support from the initial project and this helped to reach Mrs Joyce Mallya, the Manager of Community based rehabilitation Tanzania (CCBRT Moshi) which is an NGO funded by CBM Canada whose main task is to conquer vision 2020; to reduce as many blind people by searching house to house. During this search for the blind, Mrs Mallya came across many deaf children and due to her nature of helping people she managed to spare her family house for these deaf children to be housed and through the municipal council she arranged for some teachers to educate the children. The number of students however was increasing day by day.

Mrs Mallya approached us after learning about what the Lions Club of Moshi Kibo had done in Mwasi Kusini and after meeting we achieved and concluded:

  • Moshi Municipal council to provide a land and teachers who will be paid by the council including contributions for food as in other Government schools.
  • CCBRT will scrutinize the children
  • Lions Club of Moshi Kibo Will look for Donors for construction of the center.

Eventually we obtained 4 acres of land for the school for the deaf which we named ‘Msandaka Lions Deaf Centre’. The Lions Club of Ijsedul Turverun of Belgium had agreed to offer us continuous support along with our Ambassador in Belgium Professor em Dr. Wim G Blonk who was a retired director of the European Economic Commission (EEC) for the allocation of the school.

oon after the first classroom was opened in 2001 at the new centre, it became apparent that there were many more deaf children in Moshi (Over 100 at the time). Since then we have made considerable efforts with our members and partners to develop and build the school and have grown the project from just 10 students to a full centre for deaf children currently with over 100 students.

At present the 4 acre plot houses 9 classrooms, 1 vocational training classroom, 1 compute classroom with 25 pcs, 1 multi-purpose hall, 4 dormitories, 1 kitchen and 1 administrative building. We hope to continue to develop this project in the foreseeable future!




We came across an incomplete classroom in a village around 11 kilometers away from Moshi Mwasi Kusini. This classroom was meant for 8 deaf children it had no roof and no furniture and children were taught sitting on stones


Officially handed over a complete classroom fully furnished to the school authorities.


We allocated 4 acres of land for the school which we named MSANDAKA LIONS DEAF CENTRE


We received money from Belgium and we started construction of one multi purpose hall which was used as dormitory for our initial 28 deaf children.


With the remaining funds from the previous year we constructed a further 2 classrooms.The same year as a routine the CBM Canada representative were in Moshi inspecting their project and were brought to our school by Mrs. Mallya and they made history by constructing two classrooms for the center and a dormitory for the girls.


The Lions Club of Ijsedul Tervuran and professor Wim Blonk raised money by Cycling more than 6000 km in Europe. We constructed the first classroom in Moshi with computers powered by Close the Gap, an NGO in Belgium, and they were transported free of Charge by KLM to Moshi.


We again received funds from Belgium for construction of another dormitory for the boys.


The Lions Club of Moshi Kibo organized a charity walk and the money raised was used to construct one more class room.


In 2007 we got the support of the Sikh Scouts of Southhall who physically constructed a classroom.


We received further funds from Belgium for construction of a vocational training workshop.


The Moshi municipal, under the Government’s program, constructed two classrooms and 3 houses for the teachers. We also received funds from the Rotarians of Oxford UK for construction of another dormitory.


Local Businessmen who are also our members constructed one classroom to make the total number of classrooms 9.


We currently have received partial funds for construction of a dormitory for the girls from Belgium which has started but will stop once the funds exhaust. We are trying to source more funds to complete this task.


We also have cows donated by well wishers for the milk for the children.




Some pictures from the project…

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Our partners in this project

Lions Club of Ijsedal Turveran Belgium
Professor em DR. Wim Blonk
13th Sikh Scouts - South hall UK
UNDP for solar system
Rotarians from Oxford UK
Charan Singh and sons LTD
Close the Gap Belgium
Moshi Municipal Counci CCBRT
CBM - Canada
Family of late PDG Lion El-Fadhili Msuya of Ontario Canada

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